Religious Figure 2014

Sheikh Abdul Qayyum

Imam of East London Mosque

The senior Imam for many years at the East London Mosque, which holds the UK’s largest Friday congregational prayer service and hosts weekly attendance exceeding 35,000 worshippers. Shaykh Abdul Qayyum serves the largest British Bangladeshi Muslim congregation in the UK.

Ajmal Masroor

Religious commentator

Ajmal is a respected public commentator on Muslim affairs, appearing on mainstream media and TV networks. Ajmal presents shows on the Islam channel and Channel S. He is also a member of the Muslim Council of Britain and the Director of Communities in Action. Ajmal was nominated as Religious Advocate of the Year by the British Muslim Awards.

Hafiz Maulana Abdul Jalil – NE

Darul Hadis Latifiah Islamic School

A pre-eminent Islamic scholar Maulana Abdul Jalil regularly travels across the country and internationally as a widely sought after religious preacher. He is also a regular contributor to Islamic programmes on British Bangladeshi TV channels.

Shaykh Shams Ad-Duha Muhammad

Principal of Ebrahim College

Shaykh Shams is a leading young Islamic scholar, who is actively involved in developing innovative educational models for young British Muslims. He is a well-known speaker on a wide range of topics and makes regular TV appearances. He is a highly respected translator of classical Islamic texts and is also an author in his own right.

Sheikh Mahmudul Hassan  

Imam of Essex Mosque

Sheikh Hassan presents the hugely popular Jibon Jiggasha Islamic Q&A show on NTV Sky 852. He studied at Loughborough, Cairo and Al- Azhar universities and is currently studying for a PhD at Institute of Education University of London.