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London Eye turns red and green for 50th anniversary of independent Bangladesh

London Eye with red and geen colours

On the evening of the 26th March 2021, in partnership with the BBPI Foundation, the London Eye will light up in red and green to mark the 50th anniversary of Bangladeshi independence and to commemorate the devastating losses suffered by the community during the coronavirus pandemic.

Abdal Ullah said, “In celebration of the 50th anniversary of independence, the iconic London Eye is illuminated in the colours of the Bangladeshi flag. The red reminds us of the struggle for liberation and the green brings freedom and the promise of a brighter future. We also recognise the resilience of the many thousands in the British Bangladeshi community and the massive contribution they make to Britain.”

Ayesha Qureshi said, “Britain’s Bangladeshi community has disproportionately suffered from the impact of coronavirus. Tonight, we pay tribute to those who have lost their lives and thank all NHS and other frontline staff, particularly those from minority ethnic groups who serve selflessly despite the increased personal risks.”

Sunny Jouhal, General Manager at The London Eye said, “With such a large British Bangladeshi community calling the capital their home, we’re proud to be lighting up London in partnership with the BBPI Foundation. As we mark the 50th anniversary of Bangladesh Independence please continue to stay home, stay safe and support each other where you can.”

RedandGreen light up campaign

BBPI has delighted to collaborate with our partners to light iconic buildings around the UK and beyond in Red and Green, including Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce, Birmingham Central Library, Manchester Central Library, Northampton University, Newcastle Millennium Bridge, Coventry station bridge, Cardiff Castle and City Hall, Toronto.